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The beecom team is proud for JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows being recognized by an ever growing number of Atlassian product lovers. More than 13 million people over 20,000 active installations are using JSU and we know it makes their lives easier. Atlassian partners also trust JSU and this is why many of them became our honored partners. They help us spread JSU all around the world and share the functionalities of our product to make teams faster and even more effective. Contact them…

As a services company, we are heavily involved in the day to day operations with our customers, helping them to use Atlassian tools as effectively as possible. Our customers‘ needs also turn us to create products – Table Grid for Jira, Pivot Gadget, and Exalate.

Actonic is an agile IT consulting company. We accompany our customers from digitalization to digital transformation. Our solutions for building efficient IT infrastructures, process optimization and our products are based on the most advanced technologies and offer customers real added value.

Atlas Authority is a specialized consulting company. We deliver immediate business results through our deep technical expertise around complex environments. Clients worldwide trust Atlas Authority and their staff of former Atlassians to implement, support and maintain their critical applications.

Miracle help companies and organizations of all sizes reach their full potential with Atlassian. We have a keen understanding on how to incorporate the end user needs into the framework of Best Pratice Atlassian methodologies, and how to ensure that your organization best benefits from each product.

venITure is an IT consulting & software development company with its HQ in Germany. As Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner they provide qualified solutions for the entire Atlassian product portfolio to businesses of all sizes and industries. By creating innovative solutions and ideas, they support companies to actively meet the challenges of digital transformation. In addition venITure is an expert in the areas of agile software development and software quality assurance.

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