Why JSU?

JSU is the #1 Jira workflow automation Enterprise App since 2009 with 13M users automates Jira workflows at super speed and zero coding necessary. It is known for its simple and straightforward approach.

Since 2009, JSU was the first code-free automation suite for Jira workflows.

JSU preconditions not available elsewhere.

JSU operates within Jira’s post-functions, conditions, and validators, and it also gives you a set of robust preconditions for post-functions you cannot find in other apps.

More power, fewer steps.

Other applications boast of giving you more options but JSU gives you more power with fewer steps. What others can do with 40 extensions, JSU can do with only half. This is why with JSU, you can automate Jira workflows at super speed.

No coding necessary

Tedious coding contradicts the purpose of installing a Jira workflow automation app in the first place. JSU does not pass the heavy-lifting to you. It gives you clever ways to automate Jira workflows with absolutely zero coding necessary. You can simply point and click, sit back and relax. All you need to do is just set it up!

Automatic updates in sync with Jira releases.

Oftentimes, admins of scripted apps will need to re-write and update codes when the Jira API changes with every major Atlassian release. JSU creators give you one less thing to worry about. They take care of updates and regularly upgrade JSU so you won’t have to write and rewrite codes.

Key features only available in JSU

Preconditions for post functions

Get deep and pinpointed control of how your Jira workflow post-functions should operate by setting up preconditions, exactly the way you want.

Bulk Copy of Issues

Copy a set of issues instead of manually duplicating each into a certain Jira project.

Google Maps-based Custom fields

Use these Google-Maps based additional custom fields to attach location information to Jira issues.

JQL conditions

Set wider parameters that may now be fully-customised with JSU’s JQL Condition, JQL Preconditions and integrated JQL in many workflow post-functions. 

Transition trigger

Activate a transition on all issues found by your customised JQL search.

They trust JSU

A fuller picture

Main features comparison

It is said that imitation is a form of flattery, so over the years, with JSU being a trusted app used by the world’s largest companies, it was inevitable.

Another marketplace app, Jira Miscellaneous Workflow Extensions (JMWE), has published a partial view of how our features compare.

Whilst the comparison is made by some, JSU offers a suite of workflow features that are unique.

„(…) JSU and JMWE do different things, albeit with some overlap.  One is not a direct replacement for the other, unless your usage is limited to the places they overlap. (…)“

Nic Brough, Adaptavist, Atlassian Community comment

If you are a customer looking for an informed choice between the two, let us share with you a more holistic picture:

Point-and-click workflow featuresJSU gives you more power with less set-up

preconditions for post-functions
JMWE requires tedious scripting in most of its features

preconditions for post-functions
Scripting for featuresAbsolutely zero coding necessary.You need to learn two types of scripting:
For Jira Server & Data Center: Groovy scripting
For Jira Cloud: Nunjucks scripting
Conditional execution*11 powerful preconditions for post functions.

Manual configuration of individual conditions using script

JQL conditions*
Transition trigger*
Transition History Tab
Google Maps-based Custom fields*

Offers 3 important custom fields:
Location Text, Location Select, Directions
Bulk Copy of Issues*

Operates in the target project
PricingJSU and JMWE have the same price on Jira Server and Data Center. On Jira Cloud, JSU offers lower prices.JSU and JMWE have the same price on Jira Server and Data Center. On Jira Cloud, JSU offers lower prices.


JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows 17'819
Jira Misc Workflow Extensions 16'476

JSU fans say

„We manage a lot of different Jira instances and have found that this is a required plugin for all of our Jira instances. The ability to configure workflows with the built in conditions and validators from JSU are used on almost all our workflows.“

Mark Lang, Cisco

„JSU is fantastic product, i’d be lost without it.“

Nigel Budd, Clearvision

„The JSU Suite extends the functions for workflows perfectly and thus also enables the mapping of complex workflows. As an Atlassian Solution Partner we use JSU for our own work and are happy to recommend it to others.“

Thomas Aescherl, Netlogix

Sounds good? Take JSU for a spin

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