Atlassian Services

Support from A to Z: From the initial project planning to the follow-up support of the finished product – we offer exactly what you need!


Our experienced consulting team has a profound knowledge of all products, known business requirements and supports you competently in the implementation of your Atlassian project.


As before every project, it is also important in Atlassian projects that a clear concept with measurable goals, milestones and implementation measures is created. Our experts know exactly with which Atlassian solutions you can achieve your project goals.


As an Atlassian Partner we can make you an offer to purchase any Atlassian product license and assist you in selecting the right products and user numbers, whether new license, renewal or upgrade.


If you do not have internal support or are installing an Atlassian tool for the first time, we will be happy to assist you or take over the installation completely. Contact us to define the ideal solution for you.


Hosting is done in Switzerland with one of our partners.


We customize Atlassian products according to your company’s size and your team’s needs and function.


Our experienced product managers create customized training programs and content to prepare your team for the transition to Atlassian.


When problems occur in your Atlassian applications, response time is critical. Our coverage SLAs offer you initial response times and help you to communicate better with your users and solve problems faster.


For Atlassian products to function optimally, regular maintenance is a must. We would be happy to prepare a health check for you and define the measures to be taken.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.


For us “Agil” is not a simple formula or a best practice approach.
Agile means not only to work agile, but also to be agile.
Our agile approach affects the processes, the teams, the culture – the entire organization.


Agil = Everything and EVERYONE is “Work in Progress”.

Agil = Processes are never fixed. Changes mean new experiences and progress.

Agil = Gradual perfection. The perfect result cannot be planned, but can be achieved step by step.

Agil = Make mistakes early on and learn from them.


A plan is needed for every beginning!

The easiest introduction to the Atlassian world: the Concept Package. With the right concept, you can ensure that you help your team achieve more and realize its full potential. Based on our many years of project experience in the Atlassian field, we have put together a package with which every company can develop the right collaboration plan.

Keep your systems in perfect shape

system maintenance


Regular health checks are important to avoid problems in your Atlassian applications. Our professional health checks help you to


  • better understand your tools and
  • react proactively to problems


Every company should check important systems at regular intervals.


  • Is your system scalable?
  • Will the next update run smoothly?
  • Does your system meet the requirements of your employees?
  • Does your system meet security standards and best practices in terms of stability and maintainability?


By means of a detailed check-up we check your system and the configuration of the Atlassian products and derive appropriate recommendations for action where necessary. In addition to the know-how of our experts with many years of experience, services specifically developed by beecom AG (e.g. diagnostic plug-ins) are also used.