JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows

Top-selling Jira Workflow automation app for large companies since 2009 with 13M users

JSU automates Jira workflows at super speed and zero coding necessary


From beecom, Atlassian Top Vendor and Platinum Partner for 17 years, JSU offers you new, easy to configure workflow conditions, validators and post functions.

JSU Automation Suite Jira workflow

Automate repetitive tasks

Similar and repetitive tasks are performed by JSU to save time and energy.

JSU Automation Suite Jira workflow

Maintain consistency of data across related issues

Data inputs across related issues are synchronised to avoid the pain of manually ensuring consistency.

JSU Automation Suite Jira workflow

Configure workflows without coding

Easy-to-use interface eliminates tedious coding and time-consuming testing, debugging, and error fixing.


  • User is in any group
  • User is assigned to any role
  • User is in the user-defined field
  • Certain value in system or user field
  • JQL Condition

Post functions:

  • Create linked issue
  • Transition on linked issues
  • Follow up transition
  • Copy value from other field
  • Update any field
  • Clear any field
  • Many flexible preconditions for post functions
  • Post functions can target related issues like linked issues, sub-tasks/parent, issues in epic or even be found by JQL


  • Fields required, mandatory
  • Status of linked issues
  • Date compare
  • Date expression compare
  • Date within range
  • Regular expression check

JSU around the globe

JSU Automation Suite

„Great app! I’m finding new situations to use it all the time.”

Mark Pinone

Aerohive, review on Atlassian Marketplace

„Very useful plugin and great support! Thank you.“

Engin Yorgancioglu

Delphi Technoligies, review on Atlassian Marketplace

JSU use cases

Most used App for Jira

JSU with about 20’000 active installations is one of the most used JIRA applications in the world.
Users benefit from advanced features that help them work together more efficiently.

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