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Collaboration on code with Git

85% of software teams use a distributed version control system like Git. Git enables a location-independent collaboration of code. With Bitbucket teams can see active branches and pull requests and discuss problems exactly where they occur – and leave inline comments directly in the source code.


Agile Software Development


To facilitate software planning and release, most development teams use agile methods. This allows them to quickly prioritize tasks to meet customer expectations and stay one step ahead of the competition. Jira Software is the leading software development tool for agile teams. Once the planning is complete, the developers can access the code base directly from the ticket.

Continuous customer benefit


Without continuous delivery agile software development is not really agile. 65% of the teams use CI, CD or both and collect feedback on every change to minimize the risk of error before the code release. Bamboo automatically detects and creates branches and orchestrates parallel tests. This saves your teams countless hours of manual work.

Reliable status communication

Present memorable performance metrics after software deployment and achieve nine times higher availability with an attractive, individual status page. And if the worst comes to the worst, status page also serves as an emergency channel for communicating outages or downgraded operations – for every aspect of your services.


Getting better together


Agile, Git and CD are essential components of modern software development. And in combination they deliver powerful results. Teams integrating Bitbucket into Jira Software release, on average 14% more than teams using only one of these products – and their customers can benefit from updates earlier. Learn more about integrations with our software products..

Continuous teamwork

In most companies, part of the team works at different locations. And when it comes to accomplishing tasks and doing a good job, cooperation is crucial. Atlassian helps your team stay connected and complete tasks faster – collaborating on specifications in Confluence, on a ticket in Jira software, at the code base or in real time with colleagues via Hipchat.


Integrate, automate, customize

Atlassian Marketplace has hundreds of integrations, plug-ins and add-ons to help your software team,

to develop more intelligently with less effort. Integrate your web hosting services. Automate notifications when critical

Bugs occur. Customize workflows, permissions, and dashboards. And much more.