The marketing process is dangerous. With Atlassian, you take them out.

There are many steps from the concept to the start of a campaign. With the help of Atlassian tools, everyone is up to date and can help on the road to success. The tools for the best workflow are of course individually adapted to the customer. For example Jira Core for the organization in the team, Confluence for the design of the plans with file management, and the team chat for the daily exchange and direct feedback.

Put everything on the same path


Organized teamwork is required for the path from inspiration to the implementation of your marketing initiatives. With Jira Core your team is always up to date – at every single step. This includes performance monitoring that shows how well your team works.
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Everything at a glance

Confluence offers your team and your supervisor a place where they can design, organize and decide plans together. Link data from different systems and work with content and contexts in one place.
Confluence is a content collaboration software that changes the way modern teams work. It has a comprehensive set of features that enable your team to achieve the goal. Organize your work, create documents and discuss everything in one place.
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Simply faster

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Team chat connects to your favorite tools and combines multiple marketing tools in real time. Hipchat lets you share ideas, campaigns, plans and more. Atlassian has two solutions. Hipchat and the further development Stride.

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  • Get an overview or dive into the details – all on a single Trello board.
    Everyone can see the status of tasks while the cards move along the lists to “Done”.
    Organize the most important information from all your apps with power-ups.

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Integrate, automate, customize

Atlassian Marketplace has hundreds of integrations, plug-ins and add-ons to help you plan,

Centralize tracking and measurement with tools that will excite your CMO. Integrate powerful, easy-to-use charting tools,

to visually share your ideas. Automate WordPress notifications so you’re always informed when posts are reviewed or deleted.

u should be published or a comment appears. Customize email workflows and track and manage drafts, design elements,

Approvals, edits, tests, tracking and archives. And much more.