All the facts on the table

The legal department needs reliable tools that enable the team to create and share documents, manage risk, communicate effectively and respond quickly. All this is possible with Beecom’s Atlassian solutions. Digitalization and software automation have now reached the point where small and large offices can benefit from the solutions and thus have the best possible price-performance ratio. Our Atlassian legal department tools.

Management of permits


Jira Core facilitates the management of documents such as confidentiality agreements, copyright guidelines and terms of use. The solution ensures that the employees responsible review, edit, approve and finally sign a document. Jira Core is designed to enable teams to work in perfect harmony with each other. From complete workflows and task management to project tracking and tracing.

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Easily create and centralize information such as frequently used legal forms, decision registers, and meeting notes. Thanks to the targeted management of access rights, only authorized users have access to important information. Simple version control keeps you up to date with changes to documents. That’s what Confluence is for. Confluence is a content collaboration software that changes the way modern teams work. It has a comprehensive set of features that enable your team to achieve the goal.
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No more endless ``Reply to All`` e-mails

Hipchat is a team chat solution developed especially for companies. Thanks to public and private rooms as well as individual chats, the employees of the legal department can leave e-mails behind and instead communicate quickly and with the appropriate transparency.
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  • Get an overview or dive into the details – all on a single Trello board.
  • Everyone can see the status of tasks while the cards move along the lists to “Done”.
  • Organize the most important information from all your apps with power-ups.

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Integrate, automate, individualize: Atlassian Legal Department

The Atlassian Marketplace offers hundreds of integrations, plug-ins and add-ons that the Legal Department can use to

can organize, track and manage important information. Integration with industry-leading technologies ensures a smooth workflow.

Project Management. Use automated notifications on legal or document status. Passe Access Rights

and document workflows individually to track and monitor important deals. And much more.