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“Hey, I’m Dew and pretty new. I know the Atlassian world and its tools so far only by hearsay. Nevertheless, I would like to hear more from an expert.”


“Hey, I’m Lance and I’m pretty advanced. I’ve been working with the Atlassian tools for quite a while. I would like to expand or deepen my expertise.”


“Hey, I’m Flo and I’m the pro. I know Atlassian like my vest pocket. To keep this know-how I want to stay up to date.”

Want to talk to someone?

Get help by phone. We can give you hints concerning the software-solutions or you can discuss e-collaboration approaches what fit best for you.


Our experienced consulting team has in-depth knowledge of all products, well-known business requirements and supports you competently in the implementation of your Atlassian project.


As with any project, it is also important for Atlassian projects to develop a clear concept with measurable goals, milestones and implementation measures. Our experts know exactly which Atlassian solutions you can use to achieve your project goals.


If you have no support internally or if you are installing an Atlassian tool for the first time, we are happy to assist you or take over the installation completely. Contact us to define the ideal solution for you.


Our experienced product managers will tailor your training programs and content to your needs so that your team can prepare or transition to Atlassian.


As an Atlassian Partner, we can offer you an offer to help you purchase any Atlassian product license and assist you in selecting the right products and user numbers, whether new license, renewal or upgrade.


The hosting takes place in Switzerland with one of our partners.


When problems occur in your Atlassian applications, the response time is critical. Our coverage SLAs give you a quick turnaround and help you communicate better with your users and solve problems faster.


For Atlassian products to function optimally, regular maintenance is a must. We will gladly prepare a health check for you and define the measures that need to be taken.

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