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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a collection of practices that automate the processes between software development and IT teams so that these teams can create, test, and publish reliable software much faster and more efficiently. It breaks the barrier between development and operations for a more integrated, agile workflow.

DevOps benefits

Investing in practices that increase throughput and stability measures boosts IT performance.
Benefits include:

  • Improved deployment frequency which potentially means improved productivity & efficiency
  • Less stressful deployments
  • Faster time to market
  • Lower failure rate of new releases, better product quality and more stable releases
  • Less complexity to manage
  • Increased collaboration and visibility
  • Faster resolution of problems
  • Faster mean time to recovery

Companies’ challenges

As DevOps is intended to be a cross-functional mode of working and thinking, it uses different sets of tools referred to as “toolchains” which encompass:

  • Coding – code development and codereview, source code management, continuous integration
  • Building – continuous delivery , continuous deployment
  • Testing – automated testing tools that provide quick and timely feedback on business risks
  • Packaging – artifact management
  • Releasing – change management, release approvals, release automation
  • Configuring – infrastructure configuration and management, infrastructure as code
  • Monitoring – applications performance monitoring and alerting, end-user experience feedback

Common issues our customers are facing:

  • Failing to automate effectively
  • Ingoring high availability principles
  • Mishandling incidents

These are complex processes that are difficult to implement especially by new or under-staffed teams.

beecom solution

We help you implement DevOps by identifying and diagnosing your challenges and finally by creating solutions based on your company’s needs.

With DevOps, we can address gaps between developers and IT operations as well as support great collaboration between the many functions involved.

The numbers tell the story. In their “State of DevOps” Report, Puppet details that high-performing DenOps organizations see:

  • 200x more frequent deploys
  • 24x faster recovery times
  • 3x lower change failure rate

“Our beecom DevOps consultancy team caters to corporations who would like automated and seamless workflows, increased team agility, and improved operational support for faster technical fixes.”

Maurice Ray, DevOps Ingenieur, beecom

Why beecom

Cultural practices such as information flow, collaboration, shared responsibilities, learning from failures and new ideas are central to DevOps. DevOps initiatives can create cultural changes in companies by transforming the way operations, developers and testers collaborate during the development and delivery processes. Organizational culture is the strongest predictor of IT and organizational performance.

beecom AG is a full-service digital solutions company based in Zürich, Switzerland. It has been a platinum Atlassian partner since 2004, one of the first and largest worldwide. It is also the founder of Worldwebforum, the annual conference of global business and digital transformation which brings together some of the world’s leading minds on cultural change and leadership with a mission of empowering radical change through innovation. Equipping our team with the most in-depth and well informed experts, we help your organization deploy DevOps in the method that is customized to your toolkit.

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