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Have you been thinking about moving your data and other business elements to a cloud computing environment? 

These days, software enterprises like Atlassian are taking big steps to move from Server to Cloud. This means that they are focusing more on creating products that are compatible with the Cloud environment. They are also incentivising those who use their Cloud product equivalents with lower fees, more support, and robust updates. 

However, a move from server to cloud entails an overall process. It is not just a technical undertaking but a strategic business decision as well. It covers enlisting your project team, evaluating technology options, ensuring that your current server site is ready for migration, and seamlessly execute the transfer. 

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Cloud migration benefits

In the migration planning, your business portfolio must be assessed in order to see your application architecture and create a financial ROI analysis. Most of the time, you will find that a Cloud migration would have long-term positive impact on your cost-benefit analysis. 

The beauty of cloud computing is that the servers are off-premise, out of sight, and one less problem to worry about. You reduce costs and save time by not having to maintain the system yourself. Cloud computing also cuts out the high cost of hardware. The subscription-based model allows you to pay as you go. 

Moving to Cloud also improves reaction time to security issues as accessibility is not dependent on where you are. It supports remote work, improves collaboration, and increases agility. Teams can access, edit, and share documents anytime, from anywhere. 

Jira Server to Cloud migration journey

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Migration challenges

Server migration involves packaging and transferring virtualized on-premises workloads to the cloud where they are reconstituted as computer instances. This is often called lift-and-shift or rehosting. It is the fastest way to migrate applications, but the process requires proper instance. 

The current user limit for Jira Cloud is 5,000 users per site. But when you have fewer or more users, you would like to plan your migration strategy. Same applies when you need to migrate large amounts of data, merge users or projects from multiple sources, or migrate multiple sites.

beecom solution

We’ve spent 20 years identifying and diagnosing company and our extensive experience has sharpened our expertise in creating tailor-made solutions to address your company’s and your customers’ needs.

The beecom team, Atlassian Platinum Partner for 17 years, has extensive expertise in Server to Cloud migration. Contact us now for support. 

Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

The Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant is an app that helps you easily move content, users, and groups from Confluence Server or Data Center to Confluence Cloud. Built and maintained by Atlassian, the app is free to install and use.

With the app, you can choose what you want to move to the cloud, start migrating at your convenience, and monitor the progress of everything throughout the migration process.

When to use the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant:

  • When you want to move users or data from Confluence Server or Data Center to Confluence Cloud.
  • When you want to run a test or trial migration from Confluence Server or Data Center to Confluence Cloud.
  • When the Atlassian Support team has recommended using the app.

The Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant will not work for Jira products. deployed the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant in consultation with beecom.

“At beecom, we help clients migrate from server to cloud every step of the way. We offer assistance even after implementation in support of their quest for better systems that drive business growth. “

Maurice Ray, DevOps Engineer, beecom

Why beecom

At the core of our IT service teams is our genuine effort to address and focus on customers’ needs. Our Server to Cloud Migration services have been helping clients to mitigate costs and support remote work. 

Our company, beecom AG is a full-service digital solutions company based in Zurich, Switzerland. We have been a platinum Atlassian partner since 2004, one of the first and largest worldwide. beecom is therefore the founder of Worldwebforum, the annual conference of global business and digital transformation which brings together some of the world’s leading minds on cultural change and leadership.


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