Graben Sie sich aus dem Jira Sumpf heraus

Rachel hat ihren eigenen „Jira-Sumpf“ übernommen und benötigte eine App, um ihre Workflows effizient und ohne Skripting zu bereinigen.

Rachel Wright comes to the rescue with her book “The Jira Strategy Admin Workbook”. She recommends installing the JSU app, for starters, to clean-up your workflows, with absolutely no need for coding.

Hear more about her Workbook and JSU experience here.

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JSU validators

Auf dem Atlassian Las Vegas Summit trafen wir viele JSU-Fans, die davon schwärmten, wie unser Add-on ihnen bei ihrer Arbeit geholfen hat.

Hören Sie vom Jira Admin und Architekten von Masergy Communications über ihre JSU-Erfahrung.
But Jira workflows out of the box, has limitations. To be able to extend the power of your Jira workflows, automate transitions and reduce repetitive manual work, many admins look to add-ons like JSU, designed to make workflows and post-functions more efficient.

At the Atlassian Las Vegas Summit, we met a lot of JSU fans raving about how our add-on has helped them with their work.

Hear from the Jira Admin and Architect of Masergy Communications about their JSU experience.